Serving as a Volunteer for Homeless Veterans

Richard Wakeley

October 13, 2022


Volunteering with and for homeless veterans is a great way to help them reintegrate into society. Volunteers of America’s mission is to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise to care for veterans. Today, there are 18.2 million veterans in the United States. According to the annual Homeless Assessment Report, 37,878 of them experience homelessness each evening. Almost 90 percent are male, but an increasing number of women are experiencing homelessness.

Stand Down for Volunteering

Using the idea of “Stand Down,” a community can give food and other necessities to homeless veterans and help them find jobs. A Stand Down event offers food, two nights of free shelter, medical services from local hospitals, and legal services like the San Diego Homeless Court. Volunteers can also donate money and items to the cause.

Volunteers can also help homeless veterans navigate VA benefits. While the VA is dedicated to helping homeless veterans, the benefits process can be challenging for both sides. Volunteering at a Stand Down is an excellent way to connect with veterans in your community and do your part. These Stand Down events can be attended by civilians and service organizations and are an excellent way for these organizations to meet the needs of veterans.

Stand Down events should be led by a local agency that serves the homeless veteran community. The lead agency should understand the needs of homeless veterans and work closely with the steering committee. This organization should also make materials, answer questions, and keep a list of service providers participating.

Duties of a Veteran Service Department Volunteer

If you are passionate about helping veterans in need, consider volunteering with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There are many ways to help out with the organization. For example, you can help homeless veterans find shelter or help veteran medical staff with their benefits claims. Volunteers can even assist with home maintenance and repair. If you are looking to volunteer, contact the local office of the VA to find out which location is nearest you.

Once you find the local VA office, you can ask about the Stand Down programs. These events usually last three days or two nights and help homeless veterans and their spouses. These programs provide employment opportunities, housing referrals, and VA benefits counseling. Also, many veteran groups work with local hospitals, medical examiners, and funeral homes to ensure their services work well together.

The VA’s HVSEP program provides vocational assistance, job placement, and ongoing support to homeless and at-risk veterans. The organization’s HVSEP program employs former homeless veterans as Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists (VRS). These specialists provide these services to help homeless and at-risk veterans transition into meaningful employment.

Programs offered by Volunteers of America

For more than 140 years, Volunteers of America has been helping veterans in need. Their Greater, New York affiliate provides residential services for nearly 700 veterans each year. In addition, they provide job training, counseling, and rental assistance. They also help homeless veterans reintegrate into society.

Volunteers of America’s programs help combat homelessness through a variety of services. They provide low-income housing for those in need and manage emergency shelters and senior homes in Denver. They also help homeless people with necessities and support their independence.

The Volunteers of America organization consists of volunteers from all walks of life. Some of its volunteers are homemakers, others are blue-collar workers, and there are even projects for retired or college students. The volunteers also come from different faiths. In the 1960s, the group formed a close partnership with the government and expanded rapidly in the 1970s. As the nation’s population increased, so did Volunteers of America’s programs.